Will appreciate it for many years.

M. Dunbar

First, let me personally thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement that you sent. I phoned and expressed my thanks [...], but I wanted to make sure you also know how surprised and pleased I was to receive it. It was however, entirely unnecessary! The pleasure of entertaining your staff "family" was all mine. That was so many of the people who were involved in my renovation project- from the president through to the scheduler and the shipper- were interested enough to see the finished product is quite stunning and speaks very highly of the kind of company you have. From the time I first came into your showroom, I realized that there was a very friendly and collegial atmosphere at Gateway, and that atmosphere prevailed throughout the project. I also have to let you know how absolutely impressed by and grateful to [...] (the designer) I am. I can't say enough good things about her as the designer/ project manager for the renovation. Her patience and understanding and expertise have been outstanding. I'm sure she must have grown weary of my frequent phone calls and my concerns about details, but she remained eternally calm, pleasant and professional. To say that I am pleased and satisfied with the final product is an understatement. While the process at times was somewhat unnerving, the end result is spectacular and I make sure that everyone who sees and admires my new kitchen knows who have been responsible for its creation. [...] My overall satisfaction with the process and product you provided is extremely high and I know other clients you have worked with have the same level of satisfaction. [...] Once again, thank you so very much for the time you and your staff have spent on my somewhat unique and "interesting" renovation project. I know I, and the guests who come to my home, will appreciate it for many years.