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Bathroom renovations can get expensive much quicker than you would expect. If you’ve done some type of home renovation project before, you may already know this. If you’re ready to redesign your bathroom, but aren’t ready to drop $20,000 on a deluxe spa retreat, don’t worry, we have good news. You don’t need to drop mega bucks to transform your bathroom into a relaxing space — there are plenty of ways to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

If you’re ready to get a little thrifty and creative, you might even be able to swing a bathroom redesign in less than $3,000. This does, however, depend on how much you want to change. If your budget is smaller than average, then stick to cosmetic changes, like new paint or a new sink. If you are ready to invest more into your bathroom remodel, you may be able to focus on larger tasks, like adding tile, expanding your shower, or adding a window. No matter what you are planning, speak with our remodeling contractors in Manitoba and receive a no-obligation consultation

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Whether you are familiar with it or not, your home, and every room in your home, gives off a certain energy. This might seem esoteric to some, but as a matter of fact, feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating balance with the natural world in our interior spaces, actually has a lot of common sense practices that make your home healthier and more comfortable to be in. It can help us feel more connected to our home as well as positively impact our mood and well-being. Keep reading to find out more about how to practice feng shui in your home, and to speak with a home renovation contractor to get started on your home renovation, contact our team today!

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Maybe there is an area of your house that you don’t like, or some appliances that have always been finicky that you have been needing an excuse to upgrade. Perhaps the wall paint is wearing off or you simply don’t like how it accentuates your interior design anymore. While your home may be in need of home renovations like upgrading plumbing, getting new kitchen appliances, or installing a hardwood floor, there are trendy and fresh home renovation ideas that will improve the overall look and feel of your home. Home renovations should always reflect your personal style and preferences, but keep reading for some ideas that you may want to see in your home! Keep reading to find out more, and for high-quality home renovation, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom renovation, contact Gateway Kitchen & Bath Centre today!