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Feng Shui In Your Home

Whether you are familiar with it or not, your home, and every room in your home, gives off a certain energy. This might seem esoteric to some, but as a matter of fact, feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating balance with the natural world in our interior spaces, actually has a lot of common sense practices that make your home healthier and more comfortable to be in. It can help us feel more connected to our home as well as positively impact our mood and well-being. Keep reading to find out more about how to practice feng shui in your home, and to speak with a home renovation contractor to get started on your home renovation, contact our team today!

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng shui is not as mystic as you may think — this spatial law is growing in popularity because it just makes sense. It is rooted in the belief that everything (including the arrangement of a room) possesses energy. Feng shui is not necessarily about transforming the structure of your home as much as it is making our homes evolve with us. The right feng shui can balance the energy that flows into and around your space, has impacts on multiple facets in your life, like your wellbeing, your relationships, and more. Whether you believe it or not, the inner workings of your home can be adjusted to work in fascinating ways.

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Keeping Your House Clear of Clutter

This may seem like an obvious problem to tackle around the house, but staying on top of the task can be a bit more difficult than you think. It’s easy to let a pile of mail stack up on the counter or let knick knacks begin filling counter space — we’ve all been there. We are all guilty of letting things accumulate throughout our house, but clutter is more than simply visually displeasing, this stuff is an energetic anchor that prevents us from having clarity, weighing us down emotionally.

Now, this isn’t to say that your home has to be perfectly spotless. Rather, it is the emphasis of creating a happy and healthy environment where you have the space to move and set your things… before cleaning them up, that is. Besides allowing for incoming energy needs, clear spaces will make you feel less stressed out. A clear space can create a sense of order during chaotic times, plus, you get a clean start to each day, which can help with productivity.

Remove Obstacles

Building from the previous point, it is imperative that you remove obstacles from frequent routes in your home, like from your bedroom to the bathroom. Maybe there’s a pile of clothes you constantly have to walk over, or a table that you bump into more than once a day. Efficiency is important in feng shui because it allows for a better flow of energy. Plus, you spend less time trying to avoid these things and more time moving freely from room to room.

Add Mirrors

If your home, or a certain room in your home, doesn’t receive much natural light, you can give the illusion of more natural light by placing mirrors on the wall opposite of the window. The light will reflect off of the mirror, making it appear more bright and open. In addition to this, be mindful of what your mirror is reflecting: is it reflecting clutter, your work desk, or is it reflecting a beautiful view? This is important, especially since you will likely be looking into this mirror often, and want it to reflect something that relaxes and soothes you. When you hang a mirror, make sure it reflects more light, a serene view, or an expansive part of the room.

Add Plants

Plants embody life energy, meaning that living green houseplants connect us to nature and bring vibrancy into our homes. They help freshen up the space and make it healthier to be in. The most important thing to remember is that you need to take care of these plants, so get some that you can care for and are appropriate to the space. Take lighting into consideration as well as the space they need to survive. Plus, plants are a great and productive hobby to get into.

Focus on the Entryway

When you open your door, it is important that you are greeted by good energy. Your entryway is the first impression of your home, sometimes even called the mouth of your home. In feng shui, your entryway represents the way energy enters your home and your life. Dispose of piles of mail or piles of shoes — get a shoe and coat rack because these things should have their own home — and instead add plants or nice artwork, if you can. Do what you can to make the area feel more inviting because it is a precursor to the rest of the home.

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