Is your bathroom dated and ready for a reboot? Before you get out the sledge hammer and pry bar, it’s smart to think a few things through. Bathrooms are tiny spaces with big functions and getting the most out of them can be a tricky business. If you’re investing some cash into the space, you’ll want to be smart with your design when doing a bathroom renovation. So what are some things you need to think about? Keep reading!

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Flattering lighting takes planning

Bathrooms are small spaces, often don’t have a lot of adequate natural light, and are full of mirrors and shiny reflective materials. Simply plopping a single ceiling light in the middle of the room is not going to light you in the most flattering way, and if there’s any room where flattering light is important, it’s the bathroom. Give a little extra thought to added light fixtures and you’ll be much happier in the long run.


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Get some natural light!

Most of us shy away from windows in the bathroom, (especially in tight communities where privacy can be a concern) but there is no better light for any space than the sun. Big windows make spaces feel bigger, brighter and more open, and there is really no more flattering light. There are ways of ensuring privacy while still bringing in the sunlight, like placing windows high on the wall or utilizing frosted glass.

Make sure there are outlets where you need them

There are a number of electric products you use in the bathroom and having electrical outlets right where you need them is a smart plan. One you might not have thought of: stick one inside the medicine cabinet if you have an electric razor or toothbrush, so you aren’t stuck charging them on the countertop.

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Add more storage

Yes, you probably have a linen closet somewhere in the hallway, but having storage directly inside the bathroom is invaluable. The average person uses a variety of products in the bathroom and having a stash of extra towels and paper products close at hand is a delightful luxury. The last thing you want is to end up leaving things on the countertop because you don’t have a good spot to stash them. Planning your bathroom renovation to add some extra storage space will make your life easier and allow you to stay tidy and organized.

Consider your guests

If you’re renovating a main bathroom that is available to your guests, it’s helpful to keep that in mind in your design. While your family knows where to find everything they might need, your guests (the good ones at least) will feel less comfortable looking for something they might need. Having easily accessible and well-stocked products available in plain view is a great way to make your bathroom guest-friendly. This can be included in your design in a variety of ways, so if you need help, feel free to ask! If you have overnight guests, make sure to install a night light so everyone can find their way around even in the dark.

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Give thought to grout

Tile is always a classic finish in a bathroom and for good reason. It’s an incredible way to add design and pattern to a small space. Grout can make or break your tiled surfaces, so we recommend being well informed. Grout is porous, and in a bathroom where there is moisture and humidity, you’d need to seal it well to prevent staining. Also, the grout lines are the areas where grime will likely build up, so if you use a small tile with lots of grout, you may find yourself scrubbing a bit more often. Visually, there is a lot to consider with grout. Do you want it to match the tile, or become a contrasting colour in the pattern? Plan ahead and you’ll be happier with your tile in the long run.

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Not all decor is bathroom friendly

Even in a small space, blank walls are no fun… but finding accessories and art to decorate your bathroom with can be a challenge. Lots of the decorator items available are either not easy to clean and just might not hold up to water or humidity. The more detail and design you can add to the space with tile, the better, and be choosy about your artwork. Plants are a great option too. Even fake plants (if you don’t have any windows) can give a fresh natural look to your space and are easy to spray off now and then.

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Say yes to “hardwood”

While real wood floors are generally a bad idea in a humid space, new products on the market have brought the beauty of wood into the bathroom. Many laminate plank flooring materials are waterproof and offer an alternative flooring surface to choose from and allows for a seamless flow from the rest of the house. With patterns that mimic almost any kind of wood, there are dozens of options to choose from.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few things to think about as you plan (or dream about) your bathroom renovation. A little extra thought can go a long way to building a space you’ll be happy with. If you’re thinking of starting a bathroom renovation, we’re always happy to help! Contact us to set up a free one-hour consultation with one of our designers. We’ve been building beautiful spaces for a long time and would love to build yours.