Camelle loves her work so much, she regularly brings it home with her.

“I’ve renovated three of my own homes,” she said, “I was hands-on with everything, from coming up with the design to demo and construction. Getting involved in every area taught me so much about all areas of design and renovation.”

Having a designer who understands the nuts and bolts of how a home comes together is so important if you want to avoid renovation headaches, especially when you want to take a leap and make a more drastic change. There is no need to be confined by the existing walls of your home. Being adventurous in your design can result in the fresh ideas you’re looking for, or maybe haven’t even imagined yet.

One of Camelle’s greatest strengths is the ability to reimagine spaces to fit more functionality into Custom Cabinets in Winnipeg than one would think possible. Looking beyond the walls and thinking outside of the box, she has a knack for making your space work for you.

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“There’s no wasted space,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a tiny room or a big one, everything needs to function for you exactly the way you need it to.”

And that all starts with listening.

“I love meeting with customers and helping them put together a renovation plan/design. It’s so rewarding to help them bring an idea to life”

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Camelle is taking a turn on the other side for a change as Gateway Kitchen + Bath is working on a major renovation on her current home.

“It’s so exciting!” She said “This is the first time the whole reno will be planned out from start to finish and I know exactly what to expect. When you’re doing renovations yourself and working alongside the trades, it’s sometimes difficult to get everything coordinated precisely and it’s so hard to get everything done before you run out of steam. Working with Gateway and our schedulers and tradespeople, I know exactly how this will look when it’s finished and that everything will be complete and beautiful.”

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Whether she is designing spaces, taping and patching drywall, sanding, painting or installing flooring, or letting Gateway take the reins, Camelle understands what it’s like to undergo a renovation on your home.

“They are so emotional, the beginning is so exciting and you see progress, something always comes up to frustrate you and by the end renovations just seem to drag out with little final touches.” she said. “It can become trying, but so worth it when it’s all finished and beautiful.”

Your house, your way… and we’re behind you for every step!

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Ask The Designer for Best Custom Cabinets in Winnipeg

What’s trending?

Definitely whites and greys are still holding strong, but I’ve been seeing a lot of requests for 2-tone kitchens with white upper cabinets and navy blue base cabinets. They’re very popular at the moment.

What gadget/add-on is must-have for my kitchen?

Pull-outs! Whether we’re talking pantry pull-outs for organization and practicality, or one for garbage and recycling, I try to use pull-outs in every design. They’re so useful!

ask the designer for best custom cabinets in winnipeg

When Camelle isn’t designing, you can find her spending time with her family, sharing meals, playing board games and (when they can) hitting up their favourite local restaurant, Bellissimo. She enjoys being active, working out, going for walks, golfing, playing tennis and every outdoor activity summer has to offer. A soak in the hot tub or time relaxing around the fire is her favourite way to end a busy and productive day.

Check out the Veloso Revamp on the Gateway Toolbox, because we’ll be following along with Camelle’s renovation in the next weeks. From demo to completion, you’ll get a firsthand glimpse into how a family of 5 navigates the ups and downs of living in a construction zone!