Presenting Gateway’s Kitchen Trends! Interior design and renovation is an industry that changes constantly. We’ve been in the biz since glass blocks were the bees knees and we’ve seen so many trends come and go over the years. Every year we like to collect some of our favourite trends to share so you can dream and plan and build with us! Our design team is always on top of the newest and most exciting developments, so are our picks for 2024!

Clean, Clutter-free and Minimalist Spaces.

Now you may be thinking this is more a lifestyle trend than a design trend, but how you design a kitchen can go a long way to making this real and sustainable. It’s almost impossible to keep a space sleek and tidy if you don’t have a home for every necessary (or luxury) item, so being smart with your storage and design choices is a must. You’re not likely to forgo a toaster, but if you don’t want it sitting on your counter all the time, you’ll need to integrate it into your storage plans. Things you use daily should be handy to access and also quick to tuck away.

So what’s the practical tip here? Before you start a renovation, take an honest inventory of what’s left on your countertops over a week or two, and let us help you find solutions. If you’re finding a steady mass of reusable water bottles and coffee mugs (who doesn’t have too many of those?), maybe a dedicated custom pull-out near your coffee station or refrigerator is an option that would work. Small appliances of all kinds fit well into deep drawers near your work space. A handy and easy-to-organize pantry can keep foodstuffs from collecting on the counter (assuming you’ve got the rest of your household on board, of course), and a dedicated command centre can be a home for all the paper, keys, pens and other bits that always find their way onto every flat surface. Even tech with all its charging cords can be managed in a tidy way with some clever planning.

kitchen trends 2024 layered lighting

Layered and Minimalist Lighting.

For many years, the idea of a bold, statement light fixture has dominated kitchen lighting plans, but we’re seeing a softer, less obvious approach to lighting. While it’s incredibly important to have multiple levels of lighting for a room that has so much activity, the focus is increasingly on using light to highlight the features in a room, rather than featuring the fixture itself. We’re seeing hidden, integrated or subtle light fixtures that can offer flexibility in how you illuminate your space. Under-cabinet lighting is great for both ambient and task lighting in the work surfaces below. Toe-kick lighting is becoming more common, offering some whimsy or a hint of drama—and really, what better method is there to light your way through a dark kitchen on those early mornings or when you’re finding yourself in need of a midnight snack?

Lighting plans are including more architectural lighting, using light to create a mood or draw the eye to something special. Sconces, and wall washes add drama and interest to a space while simultaneously providing necessary ambient lighting.

We can’t talk about lighting without also mentioning smart home systems. The ability to set different moods with your lighting and advancements with changing colour temperatures (and even colours) means the sky is the limit if you love a creative and flexible lighting plan.


Opulent Appliances.

There’s a German saying that roughly translates to “if you’re gonna do it… do it”, and we see that attitude all the time when it comes to appliances. While they’re a large expense, if you’re going through the effort of renovating a kitchen, you’re going to want it to make sure it has every feature you want. Gone are the days of simply plopping in a standard consumer range, instead our customers are opting for pieces that make a visual statement or spark interest because you can’t see them at all. We’re seeing large gas ranges and also invisible induction cooktops that are built into stone countertops. Whatever your cooking or design preference, there’s an appliance available for you. For high-end kitchens, more people are opting for the side-by-side full size fridge and freezer sets, and if you’ve got the space, why make do with one dishwasher when you can have two? Even specialty appliances are getting their day. We’ve built a kitchen with a cold milk dispenser, and what’s to stop you from integrating a built-in coffee maker or ice machine? The little splurges, upgrades, and luxuries that take your space up a notch are sometimes a comparatively small expense when you’re planning a major renovation, and that would be the time to take the plunge if you want it.


kitchen trends 2024 appliances

Transformers: Kitchens in Disguise.

Who among us can say they wouldn’t want an element of surprise and amazement in their new kitchen when those first guests come over? Kitchens have long been multi-functional spaces, but there’s never been a time where we’ve seen it to this extent. From expanding islands to accommodate more seating, to hidden, pull-out workspace extensions, we’re seeing creative, transforming builds that maximize flexibility and functionality. While a small command centre in your kitchen might be best for every day, maybe a slide-out desk would come in handy for the days when you need a bit more space.

Kitchen cabinetry is moving, sliding, extending and transforming more than we’ve ever seen it and we’re loving it. Smart design can be a huge benefit to a small kitchen, where every inch matters. Finding ways to temporarily add workspace or seating means you have more options available to you than a standard layout would offer. And for those of you who’ve got the square-footage, do we even need to talk about sculleries or hidden butler’s pantries?



Comfort and beauty have been features we look for in other living spaces, but what space do you really live in quite like your kitchen? Whether you’re hosting a party, or enjoying those first sips of coffee alone while the rest of the family is still snoozing, there’s something to be said for adding something special to your day. Nothing does that better than the flicker of a flame. Upgrade that candle to a gas or electric fireplace and you’ve got ambience at the touch of a button.


kitchen trends 2024 fabulous finishes

Fashionable Finishes.

Choosing the finishes and hardware for your new kitchen is much like choosing an outfit. Patterns, colours, textures and sparkle all come into play, but how you choose to use them is up to you. There’s nothing better than a blend of classic styles (for longevity) and streaks of your personality to create a look that’s completely unique to you and your home. Gone are the days of designing to a central theme, instead we’re seeing customers taking the best and most beautiful aspects they love and blending them into their own perfect space.

While blues are holding strong, we’re also seeing a lot more green—everything from a deep, rich spruce to paler tones. Wood grains are making a resurgence, with oak coming back in a big way. Now this isn’t your grandmother’s oak, with it’s deep, rich stains and traditional profiles. Today’s oak is best featured on simple cabinet profiles (think slabs or skinny shakers) with muted natural stains that pair well in a mixed-finish kitchen.

On the topic of mixed finishes, we’re not seeing that kitchen trend disappear any time soon, and we’re on board for turning it into a classic. Monochromatic kitchens have had their time, and the visual impact of thoughtfully using multiple finishes in a kitchen space just can’t be matched. Beyond the visual, the practical aspects of using different finishes in different areas can’t be overlooked. Some finishes are more resistant to damage (or easier to maintain) and can be utilized on high-use areas, while more delicate finishes can add beauty and depth in other areas that won’t see as much wear.


Inset Cabinetry

This one isn’t trending yet, but we definitely think it should be. Very popular in other countries, inset cabinet doors haven’t hit their stride in Canada yet, but they offer a beautiful, classic look. If you’re the type of person who likes to see clean lines, simple detail and attention to the craft of woodworking, this style of cabinet is for you. The doors and cabinet frames are built so the door is flush with the frames, giving it a luxury touch that only custom cabinetry can provide.

kitchen trends 2024 inset cabinets


Tech will make the list of yearly kitchen trends until humanity runs out of ideas. Everywhere you look there are new technologies designed to make our lives easier, more exciting, and more connected. Whether you’re controlling or monitoring your home appliances from a mobile app, programming lighting to suit different moods, outfitting your home with integrated sound systems, building in charging stations, automatically brewing your morning coffee or using a grow station for freshly grown herbs, tech is all over the kitchen.


kitchen trends 2024 integrated range hoods


Statement or Integrated Range Hoods

We love the classic stainless range hood, but people are being more creative when it comes to the look of these necessary features. Whether you’re building an integrated hood that blends seamlessly with your cabinetry, or a statement piece to mix up the design, there are so many options to add some heat above your cooktop. 


Matching slab stone backsplashes

Tile will always be a beautiful backsplash choice, but we’re seeing more people opt for the clean and simple stone backsplash. Using the stone that matches your countertop offers a polished and look that nothing else can match. Take it one better and hide your outlets so nothing gets in the way of a sleek, uninterrupted finish.

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kitchen trends 2024 stone backsplash

That concludes our top 10 for 2024, but we’re so excited to see what the new year brings. So many of the projects we get excited about come directly from you! We love taking your ideas and bringing them to life, because while trends may come and go, your space needs to be all about you!

Have an idea? We’re here whenever you need us! Sit down with a member of our Design Team or fill out the form below and let’s see what we can do to help!

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