Custom Kitchen Gallery

It’s time for your dream custom kitchen.

It’s time to experience quality materials, sophisticated designs and top-notch professional renovation services.

It’s time for Gateway Kitchen + Bath.


Your dream kitchen is within reach. Seamlessly blending style and functionality, our talented designers work with you to build a space that perfectly suits your style and lifestyle. Take a look at our gallery of kitchen renovations to see what we’ve done and be inspired about what we can do for you!

Custom kitchen renovations are the perfect way to build the exact space that functions the way you need it to while also offering the style that will make you want to spend even more time there. Custom-built cabinetry makes use of all available space (no fillers or wasted space) and the limits to the clever solutions are only limited by your imagination. With storage pull-outs and built in drawer dividers, we can get your kitchen organized and functional so everything has a place and endless configurations mean your kitchen will work the same way you do!

No household is the same as another so why build a kitchen that looks like everyone elses? Our nearly unlimited design choices and talented designers to pull it all together mean your space will be unique, and our goal is to ensure it takes your breath away!

If you are looking to build a new kitchen or renovate your existing one, the Gateway team is ready to make it happen. From conception to completion, we have creative designers, qualified tradespeople, dedicated scheduling teams, and diligent project coordinators to make sure your build or renovation runs smoothly. Contact us today.

It’s time to see what Gateway can do for you!


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