Remodeling your kitchen is fun, there is no doubt about it. Whether you are looking for a small or grand kitchen remodel idea to renovate one of the most popular spaces in your home, there are about a hundred directions for you to go in! The countless ideas that exist can make the process overwhelming but can make it equally as exciting. What are the vibes that you want your kitchen to reflect? What kind of style do you want your kitchen to be? Do you want a kitchen island? Have you considered custom cabinets to make storage more accessible? If your ideas are bouncing around in your head with no sense of organization, let us help you out a bit. Keep reading for some custom kitchen remodeling ideas, and if you would like to speak with a renovation contractor in Winnipeg, then call our team today.

Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets offer several advantages, the most important that you can optimize your storage space by utilizing cabinets that work with the space you have. You can get really creative with these, and when you have custom kitchen cabinet makers like the ones at Gateway Kitchen and Bath, the sky’s the limit! Ask our renovation contractors in Winnipeg about custom kitchen cabinet options, and what you envision yours to be!

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Or, Go With Open Shelves

Open shelving is a minimal option that creates beautiful, functional, and creative results. You can certainly still choose to keep your spices and dried goods concealed, but open shelving allows you to add items to the shelves that bring personality to the room as a whole. Try framed photos, candlesticks, and art to your stacks of plants, pots, and pans.

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Get Creative With Shelving

If you like the concept of open shelving but want to go one step further, use a shelving unit that is sleek and stylish. A shelf perfectly displays all of your glasses, dishes, and special occasion dishware while complementing the formal look of the rest of your kitchen.


You may not see tile floors too often, but they can be an attractive option for kitchens. Tile floors may not offer the same low-maintenance as hardwood flooring or the same kind of longevity but could give your kitchen style and class. You can choose ties with patterns to give your kitchen more character, especially if you intend on playing with patterns and textures elsewhere in the kitchen. Natural stone tile can enhance your kitchen design, but this is certainly an investment that would also require further consideration.

Let The Walls Talk

You don’t have to if you don’t want to, as there is nothing wrong with a soft eggshell or off-white paint. Being bold in your colours can really make your kitchen a fun space to be in, and could give you a chance to play around with decorations and backsplashes to create a theme and pull a look together. A pale green around your kitchen could be great if you have a lot of plants in your home, or have decorations that would offer a great pop of colour, contrasting against the paint. If anything, you could always choose to add an accent wall in your kitchen for a little fancy flair.

Use Your Surroundings As Inspiration

If part of your kitchen wall has exposed brick, leave it! It adds an undone, laid-back feel to the kitchen, allowing you to embrace the original architectural details, and also giving them new life in your newly renovated kitchen.

Draw inspiration from your house as a whole, and maybe even the location of the house. Use colours you can find out in the nature surrounding your home or use shades that you can find elsewhere in your home. This not only helps create a comprehensive look but can make your kitchen design appear more natural and free, however meticulously thought-out the paint might have been.

Be Bold With Patterns

Whether you want to play around with the tiles for your backsplash, or want to add patterns to your wall, cabinets, and even floors, let yourself get crazy with it. It can be chaotic, but controlled chaos can sometimes yield the best results, especially if you have the style and personality to complete it. Choose vibrant colours to make your kitchen a true work of art. Be wary of the kind of appliances and decorations you use if you choose to use loud and bright patterns, as too much could be distracting for the eye. If you do decide to go a more patterned route, then opt for decorations that are more simple, so there is some contrast that allows the eyes to rest.

You can also use the tile as a translation, bridging the darker and lighter colours. This works especially well if, for example, your cabinets, hardware, and countertops are of a darker colour while your walls are a brighter shade. You don’t need the tile, as the contrast on their own will work just fine, but, again, tile is a great way to add character to your kitchen.

Let The Light In

Natural light is not only important for us, having positive effects on our mental health, but does great things for interior design. Natural light can open up any room, making it appear larger, more welcoming, and can emphasize the features that you put more thought into. If your kitchen is a part of your home that doesn’t get much light, then definitely consider installing windows. The kind is completely up to you, but trust us that natural light is an essential design feature that can transform your kitchen.


Get Creative With The Space You Have

In addition to the many design elements mentioned above, it is crucial to also consider the kind of movement you want to have in your kitchen — the flow of energy — and the purpose the space will be serving. If you can, add a kitchen island that allows for clear movement around it, but also serves as a focal point for group entertainment and family meals. If you have the space for it, you may even want to consider a breakfast book in the corner of your kitchen, which is a unique feature you don’t see in many houses.