As home and kitchen renovators, we’ve seen it all. We’ve all had a room in our home that has ended up harboring all of our clutter or objects that we couldn’t bear to part with. Maybe over the years a spare room in your house, or even your living room table, has started to reflect the years of neglect and afterthought that you unintentionally placed upon it. It’s no longer a place of joy and has started to intimidate you every time you imagine yourself cleaning it up and transforming it into a space you actually use. Well, if this resonates with you, you’re in luck. Today, we’re going to talk about how to reclaim unused spaces so that you can optimize your enjoyment in your home and really get the full use out of it. If you are planning a home renovation or remodel but don’t know the first thing about interior design, or about how to optimize the space you have with the budget you’ve got, our design and renovation team is here to help! We’d consider it nothing less than a privilege to work with you and turn your home into something you love waking up in every day.

Reimagine Your Dining Room

If your dining room no longer is a place where you gather with your family to eat, you’re not alone, and also that’s okay. Many meals that are eaten at home are eaten on the run between work, school, or day-to-day responsibilities. Many dining rooms sit unused for months at a time, becoming unused rooms in the house that hold potential for new life. Consider turning the space over to another purpose, like reading, crafting, or working. In many cases, you won’t have to make any major renovations, except for a change in furniture, which can arguably be the most difficult task, especially if the room is smaller.

Maybe you want to keep your small square dining room as a dining room, but are tired of looking at the same blinds every day and absolutely hate the thought of sitting at the old rickety table you’ve had for years. Try a round antique table to allow for more space in the room, adding chairs that don’t indicate a dining room, but instead indicate relaxation and entertainment. Play around with patterns and let colors speak for the room. If this has been a room you’ve been avoiding, giving it an entirely new personality will really do wonders. Natural light and brighter colors can also open the space up and make you more attracted to the room.

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Optimize An Awkward Corner

If you haven’t yet encountered an awkward corner in your home, or your home simply doesn’t have one, then you should consider yourself lucky. Trying to style an awkward corner can sometimes be worse than not styling it at all, and the truth is, it can really be a distraction, no matter what the rest of the room looks like. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways you can make this area something you don’t try to avoid eye contact with every time you enter the room. You could make it a reading nook, creating a cozy space to curl up and read a book with four simple additions: a snug, tufted armchair, a reliable light source, a soft throw blanket, and of course, some good books.

If you’re dealing with a smaller budget, then even placing a large, lush plant in the corner will certainly make a big difference. Or, turn the corner into a conversation starter by picking up a dramatic decor piece that acts as a statement piece in your room. If you’re dealing with an awkward corner in a home office, then fill the void with seating that was made for nesting in the space, or opt for a corner shelf unit, or even a triangular cabinet or desk.

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Create Flow Through Long, Narrow Hallways

A narrow and cramped hallway can really be a thorn in the side, especially if it lacks color and makes you feel cramped every time you walk through it. If there is no room to add furniture, add a richly hued and boldly patterned rug on the floor instead. It will draw the eye down instead of toward the end of the hallway, which can make the space seem wider. A hallway that lacks good lighting can make it appear much longer, and perhaps a little spooky. In this case, adding mirrors opposite a source of natural light will encourage light and create the illusion of space. You can even add wall decor to add interest and make it seem less ominous.

Create Connection With A Small Or Out-Of-Place Closet

A small closet or one that seems out of place and of no use can feel weird and throw the vibes off the whole room. Try to avoid stacking boxes in unused closets, or housing clutter in them. It may take some creativity, but there are plenty of uses for this space. Completely transform your closet into a reading nook by installing shelves on all three closet walls for your collection of books and knick-knacks as well as a bench with a luxurious cushion that you could curl up on and fall asleep.

Don’t Forget About Your Garage

This may be a less common room you think of enhancing, but if it’s going unused and becoming a cave of snowboards, boxes of Christmas decorations, yard work tools, and more, then what do you have to lose? If you enjoy having a place to shelter your cars from the weather outside, then this may not apply to you, but if you’re happy leaving your cars outside and can see your garage as potential for additional living space or working space, then this is for you! Chances are that your garage is big enough for an additional room, if not additional bathroom space, making it a functional room to keep guests in. The sky’s the limit here, so you can even make it a game room or a speakeasy where you keep your cocktail mixes.

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If all these ideas are sparking some creative fire in you but you don’t really know where to start, it could be an exceptionally good idea to bring in a new set of trained eyes. Interior designers are trained for moments such as this and are chock-full of fresh ideas that will give your dining room a new character, transforming it into a pace where you can entertain. The interior design team’s bathroom and kitchen Renovators at our Winnipeg Renovation Company are highly skilled at uncovering potential and seamlessly combining beauty and functionality. There is no reason not to start now, especially when you have a home renovation and design team at Gateway. Contact us to talk about your project during a no-obligation consultation.