It’s that time of year again! Time to look into the Gateway crystal ball and tell you what kitchen renovation trends we’re seeing either gaining steam or holding strong for 2023! We polled our design teams (very scientifically of course) and narrowed down their responses to our top 10.


Kitchen Trends #1: Smart Technology

It’s 2023, so tech of all stripes has to be at the top of the list. Every year new toys come out that make our lives easier, and there are plenty of tools we’re seeing for the kitchen. Smart appliances are gaining momentum as they add useful features: preheat your oven without needing to make the trek to the kitchen; check the drink supply in your fridge on your phone from the grocery store; turn on your kitchen faucet with voice command; or ask Alexa for the next ingredient in the recipe you’re making. Beyond appliances and fixtures, we’re seeing increasing interest in smart lighting and temperature control, automated pet feeding stations, sound systems and integrated charging stations either built into a drawer or as part of the countertop itself.

kitchen trends: pet stations

Kitchen Trends #2: Pet stations

On the subject of our furry family members, more of our customers have been looking for creative ways to carve out space for their pets. Building a feeding station into the cabinetry, or adding faucets near the pet bowls for easy filling can all be done with the help of our talented designers and skilled trades. Kitchens are a prime place to store and serve food and water for our pets so creating a space that doesn’t feel like an afterthought makes for a tidier look and uncluttered floor space.


Kitchen Trends #3: Storage Solutions

Uncluttered floor space and a kitchen that’s a breeze to use and clean! Isn’t that what we all want? Integrated storage solutions have been a kitchen trend for a while and they are giving no indications of stopping any time soon. We’re seeing drawer organizers, pullout spice racks, pantries, and corner units. A smart storage plan makes organizing and rotating ingredients easier, and saves money as nothing gets lost or wasted because you forgot you had it. Coming up with a storage plan that works for you can be tricky to do on your own, but our designers are happy to help you discover how you use your kitchen and devise exactly the right solutions for your space and needs.

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trends in kitchen design 2023

Kitchen Trends #4: Sustainability

Sustainability almost made our list last year but we definitely had to include it this year. We all know that the choices we make and the products we consume have an affect on the world around us, so making eco-friendly choices in a major renovation (like a kitchen) can be a smart move. Sustainable materials are getting better, more beautiful and easier to find and use, so what once was a “boutique” option is now a whole lot more mainstream. One of the best ways we can recommend being sustainable is opting for quality craftsmanship so the work you do today will last decades and continue to function for as long as possible. Let’s all do what we can to be a bit greener in 2023!

kitchen design and renovation trends: green

Kitchen Trends #5: Green

All of it. Every Shade. Everywhere. People are loving green, and we’re loving building with it. ‘Nuff said.


Kitchen Trends #6: Bold Colours

White kitchens will probably never be dethroned, but more and more people are shaking off the neutrals and feeling free to inject a whole lot more personality into their spaces. Unique colour choices, bold tile, playful accents… we’re here for it all. Your space should be a reflection of you and make you happy every time you walk into it, and that’s what we want to help you build.

design and renovation trends for kitchens: moody and glam

Kitchen Trends #7: Mood, Glitter and Glam

Maybe it’s not the light, bright, playful colours you want… that’s ok! We’re also really loving the trend of injecting some major drama into your home. Moody dark colours, rich masculine finishes as smooth as your favourite bourbon, and just enough sparkle. We’ve got you. With a focus on heavily grained woods, leathers, natural stone and bold tile choices, there is a lot of brooding fun to be had with this trend!


Kitchen Trends #8: Light Woods

For those of us who might not be ready for the mood and drama, light woods are coming back. Painted cabinets have been popular for a while, but we’re seeing a definite move toward integrating more natural woods. With barely-there stains that highlight the natural beauty of wood, this trend can be used on it’s own or part of a two-tone design. It’s fresh, clean, minimalist and beautiful.

kitchen design and remodel trends 2023

Kitchen Trends #9: The Skinny Shaker

The minimalist trend is holding strong, but what if you wanted a little more detail than a sleek slab door? Enter the skinny shaker! A midpoint between a flat slab and the ever-classic shaker door. Pair this style with an inset door design and you’ve really got something special. These cabinet doors can be made with a painted or wood finish, and are simply stunning!


Kitchen Trends #10: High Quality Appliances

When you’re building your dream kitchen, splurging a bit on the appliances just feels right. Whether you love to cook, or just wish you did, a beautiful set of appliances is hard to beat. We’re seeing more people opt for chef-quality appliances (or at least the residential equivalent) whenever they can, to create really impressive spaces. Oversized cooktops, side-by-side full width fridge/freezer sets, premium finishes, integrated or hidden induction cooktops—the sky (and your budget) is the limit!

high end appliances trends

That’s everything that made the list this year! Didn’t see your favourites? That’s ok! While we love a good trend, the lists are never the most important consideration… you are! We do custom design and build cabinetry to order, so our focus is always making sure your ideas, needs and personality are included to give you a space that’s uniquely yours. What are you looking for in your kitchen? We can make it happen! Talk to one of our talented designers today, and get started!


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