If you want to renovate your bathroom, it can get expensive much quicker than you would expect. If you’ve done some type of home renovation project before, you may already know this. If you’re ready to redesign your bathroom but aren’t ready to drop $20,000 on a deluxe spa retreat, don’t worry, we have good news. You don’t need to drop megabucks to transform your bathroom into a relaxing space — there are plenty of ways to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

If you’re ready to get a little thrifty and creative, you might even be able to swing a bathroom redesign in less than $3,000. This does, however, depend on how much you want to change. If your budget is smaller than average, then stick to cosmetic changes, like new paint or a new sink. If you are ready to invest more into your bathroom remodel, you may be able to focus on larger tasks, like adding tile, expanding your shower, or adding a window. No matter what you are planning, speak with our remodeling contractors in Manitoba and receive a no-obligation consultation

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Try A Mixed Material Floor

You can add variety to your bathroom floor by combining textures, like wood planks and pebble tile surrounding the bath. Not only does it enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, but it adds natural elements indoors that can create a much more relaxed experience.

Install A Wall-Mount Cabinet

Storage is something that you can never have enough of, especially in the bathroom. Bathing and skincare products can pile up, especially if you are someone who likes to pamper themselves with at-home spa days. Rather than installing for recessed cabinets, instead, try a wall-mount cabinet that is off the floor and exists on its own. You can conceal toiletries in a sleek hanging cabinet that doesn’t take up any floor space and also allows you to get the most out of storage in your bathroom.

Install A New Hardware

New hardware in your bathroom is a trick to make your bathroom look newer than it actually is. Make your sink sparkle with a new faucet and make your cabinets look new and more fun with updated hardware. If buying new cabinets or a new sink isn’t in your budget, then simply bring them back to life with refreshed hardware.

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Refinish Your Tub Instead Of Replacing It

Just like a roof, well not just like a roof, it is always recommended to repair and retain your tub before buying a new one. If your tub makes you a little sick every time you step into it, then consider refinishing it or relining it. If the problem is mostly cosmetic, like a yellowed surface or some cracks and nicks, then refinish your shower or your bathtub. If, for any reason, refinishing your tub is out of the question, then touch-ups will buy you some time. Whether it is a matter of buying super glue for porcelain repair or it is re-caulking your tub, tiny repairs will make a big difference.

Keep Your Plumbing In Place

Moving around plumbing is territory where your bathroom renovation can begin to get more expensive. To avoid this, work within your current plumbing configuration. Unless it is absolutely necessary, consider the following ideas:

  • Change the toilet seat and lid instead of replacing the toilet entirely
  • Install a prefabricated shower instead of a tiled shower
  • Replace your old shower curtain or install a new glass door
  • Retrofit your shower with a new system

There are plenty of more ways you can upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. Our Bathroom Renovation Winnipeg contractors work with each client, listening to their singular needs and their specific budget parameters. Our team believes that each project has the potential to be something great, which is why we take great pride in working closely with clients to ensure that their remodel is exactly what they want it to be. For more information about our kitchen and bath renovation contractors in Winnipeg, contact us today.