Let’s talk kitchen storage solutions!

While we all want our kitchens to be spotless and organized like those Instagram pictures, the reality is that kitchens have a lot of stuff, especially when you’ve got a house full of people and everyone needs something a little different. If our kitchen cabinets had no doors most of us would be regularly overwhelmed by the number of individual (and let’s be real, often weirdly shaped or unstackable) items a functioning kitchen requires. That’s why we have all those cabinets!

But what if your cabinets don’t function well for either the space, or your lifestyle? Turning a kitchen that doesn’t work well into a well-flowing, organized space full of the right storage for you is just as important as making it look like the kitchen of your dreams.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best storage solutions available to help you get organized and stay that way. If you are thinking of starting a kitchen renovation, this is a great place to start and get you thinking about what features would make your lifestyle just a little bit easier.

storage solution new kitchen

Garbage and Recycling Pullouts:

No one wants to look at a garbage can all day, but simply tucking one away under the sink doesn’t work well either. It’s too easy for smelly things to fall behind the can and make a mess, or it’s just plainly too cumbersome to throw things away. Garbage pullouts are the solution to this common kitchen frustration. Sliding out for easy access to both garbage and recycling means everything stays tidy and easy to clean. Having one near your sink and/or dishwasher is the ideal spot for this gadget.

storage solution new kitchen

Cut-Out Drawer for Under the Sink:

It’s wasted space in most houses. With plumbing travelling down from your sink, the space is often ignored, but there are so many little bits that are nice to have close at hand and not cluttering up the countertop space. Whether you have sponges, dish brushes, scrubby things or extra tools, it’s nice to have a place to tuck them away for when you need them, and these clever drawers make use of the space around the pipes.

storage solution new kitchen

Spice Rack Pullouts:

We’re all familiar with the old spinning spice racks that sit on the counter, but did you know that’s not the best place for your seasonings? Not only can it make your counter look cluttered, but spices lose their flavour and degrade more quickly in light. To keep your spices at their peak flavour for longer, putting them in a dark cool place is better, and a pullout is perfect. Not only are they easy to organize with all your spice jars visible, but you can tuck a pullout like this near your cooktop for quick and easy access to all the flavour.

storage solution new kitchen

Tool Caddy Pullouts:

If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, figuring out how to have the tools you need close at hand is ideal when you’re cooking, so when you’re planning a kitchen renovation, it’s important to keep that in mind. Say goodbye to the utensil drawers of the past that never really wanted to open. Between potato mashers and tongs, we’ve all had the experience of trying to open a jammed utensil drawer, and have the bruised fingers to show for it. These pullouts make all your bulky utensils easy to see, and they’ll all be available right where you need them.

storage solution new kitchen

Built-in Paper Towel Holders:

Close at hand, but off the counter, these built-in paper towel holders are easy to refill and keep the paper towels away from some of the spills and splatter that happen on your countertops. The drawer can be used for spare rolls, or other consumable items.

storage solution new kitchen

Custom Cutlery Drawers:

Yes, you can buy the plastic ones from the dollar store and yes, they work fine… but what about the steak knives? The plastic kids utensils? The grapefruit spoons? Are we just supposed to mix them all together like neanderthals? No! There is a better way! Not only do custom cutlery drawers look beautiful, but you can customize them to suit what you need. Have too many categories? How about a double layer?

storage solution new kitchen

In-Drawer Knife Blocks:

Sharp knives are extremely important in a well-functioning kitchen, and being an expensive tool, (and at their most dangerous when dull) it’s best to take good care of them. Leaving knives loose in a drawer means they bang together and dull easily, and a knife block on the counter can add yet another piece of visual clutter, so why not consider a wooden knife block in a drawer? Built to accommodate as many knives as you need, the grooves keep knives apart and protect their edge. Also, you can’t deny they look pretty sharp. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

storage solution new kitchen

Pantry Pullouts:

Who hasn’t lost something at the back of the pantry? With so much food going in and out of your kitchen on a weekly basis, it’s a challenge to keep track of everything all the time. Pantry pullouts make the job of finding that errant package of taco seasoning just a little bit easier. With multiple configurations and sizes, building a pantry that suits your needs is simple and effective.

storage solution new kitchen

Hidden Countertops:

There are times when you need a little extra counter space, and these pullouts are just the thing. Shown here in a hidden bar cabinet, this counter pulls out for a useful spot to mix a drink or spread out a few glasses. These hidden countertops can also be used for built-in cutting boards so you’re not always hunting for one.

storage solution new kitchen

Corner Cabinet Pullouts:

Kitchens with no corners are few and far between, so most of us have had the experience of trying to get something out of the back of a corner cabinet. Tough to get into, easy to lose things and next to impossible to keep tidy. Thankfully there are lots of different solutions for this space—corner drawers, Lazy Susans, or something like this pullout. One fluid movement and everything you need is tidy and easy to access.

storage solution new kitchen

The Solution We Haven’t Invented Yet:

One of the benefits of building a custom kitchen is that your imagination is the limit! At Gateway Kitchen + Bath, we love to put our design skills and cabinet expertise to work to invent solutions for your storage dilemmas. What are those spaces that cause frustration in your house? Let us know, because we probably have a solution. Contact us to see how we can help!